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Stop SQL Injections - CZ32ts, NV32ts and TL32Sn

Lately we have noticed an increase in SQL-Injection attacks on our IIS webserver. While all attacks have the common user_agent, they seem to be coming from a very large botnet where each attack has been initiated from thousands of different IP addresses.

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  By Tech Guy   January 4,2010

2010 Bug Fix in Spam Assassin

If your systems are running Spam Assassin, then legitimate e-mail having a date after Jan 1, 2010 may see a higher than normal spam score. We tell you how to fix the problem.

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  By Tech Guy   January 2,2010

ASP.NET Causing Corrupted HTML with WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd

If your ASP.NET application has corrupted HTML and it seems to be centered around the WebResource.axd and ScriptResource.axd files, IE8 is causing your problem. Read on for a possible solution.

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  By Tech Guy   October 26,2009

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